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Due to the recent unethical and immoral behavior of administrators at WordPress.com, I will be leaving the site and transferring my blog to a different host.

The new address will likely continue to be ortolanastudio.com. If it isn’t, I will attempt a redirect or at the very least leave a link here for a time. In any case, things will be under construction for a week or so.

See the following links for more information on the decision that persons in power at wordpress.com have made in order to:

Lord knows that no hosting service is going to be ideologically pure.
Furthermore, this blog does not even touch on the above subjects directly and has few viewers at this stage.

  1. if it is not possible to make sane, reasonable objections to modern gender ideology without having one’s blog end up secretly edited or disappearing entirely,
    and furthermore,
  2. if the blog service doing so seems to be willing to commit these acts in order to protect a man who is attempting to force women to touch his genitals and ruin them if they do not, and appears to be actively seeking information on how to groom 10 year old girls in order to sexually assault them,

then it’s time for me to leave that blog service.

If any readers find my posting this to be scandalous, bigoted, etc, I urge you to reassess your priorities or go elsewhere.