Events & CV


August 2017-Present

Ortolana Studio. Practicing Eastern Orthodox iconography. Also, non-icon works referencing both Eastern and Western medieval Christian motifs as well as later North American styles (such as the Fraktur of the Pennsylvania Dutch, etc.).
Downtown Binghamton, NY.
Binghamton University. Majoring in Art History and Medieval History, Russian minor.


February-March 2017

M. Rosetta Hunter Gallery. Studioworks 2017.
Seattle, WA


Mary and the Saints. Approx. 400 piece street set.
Seattle, WA and Binghamton, NY

December 2012

Magic Bun. Orphanspace single.
Recorded in Seattle, WA

Early 2012

Limited edition T-shirt designed for Diamanda Galas.
Offered through her website.


Dead Time. Approx. 400 piece street set.
Seattle, WA (primarily)


Small Things n.3, OhOblivion, and Genie street sets, approx. 1000 pieces total
Seattle, WA (primarily)

November 2009

In Other Words bookstore. Live Orphanspace performance.
Portland, OR

October 2009

Plea for Peace Center. Live Orphanspace performance.
Stockton, CA
R House. Live Orphanspace performance.
San Francisco, CA
Adobe Books Backroom Gallery. Live Orphanspace performance.
San Francisco, CA
Rhinoceropolis. Live Orphanspace performance.
Denver, CO

September 2009

Clawfoot House. Live Orphanspace performance.
Lincoln, NE
Radio Noir. Live 5-song Orphanspace broadcast and interview.
St. Paul, MN

July 2009

Brash Mystics. Orphanspace EP.
Recorded in Seattle, WA

December 2008

Free Sheep Foundation. Belltown site installation.
Seattle, WA

November 2008

The Seattle Times. Interview (11/23/08)

Cafe Javasti. Solo exhibition.
Seattle, WA


OblivionSeekers, Small Things n.2, & Isabelle Eberhardt street sets: approx. 1000 pieces.
Seattle, WA (primarily)

November 2007

Free Sheep Foundation. Site-specific piece in the Belmont project.
Seattle, WA


Oblivion Seekers, Genie, small things n.1, & other street sets, approx. 800 pieces.
Seattle, WA (primarily)
Orphanspace. Self-titled release with Vena Cava n.8. Writing, singing, performing, recording, samples, artwork, and assembly by myself, distributed at Sonic Boom Records.
Seattle, WA


Isabelle Eberhardt/heroes. Approx. 500 piece street set.
Seattle, WA (primarily)


Portraits: Self, Genie, Joe Hill, & Wobblies. Street set, approx. 1000 pieces.
Seattle, WA (primarily)


Vena Cava 1-7. Hand-made zines.
Issues offered at Left Bank Books in Seattle, Washington as well as select locations in Chicago and New Orleans.
Seattle, WA; Chicago, IL; New Orleans, LA


Seattle Academy of Realist Art (later Gage Academy). Full scholarship to the summer youth program.

This selection is woefully incomplete, especially any events or projects before the year 2016.
Names I’ve worked under: my given name (Alana Solomon), Feral, OblivionSeekers, OhOblivion, Orphanspace, Ortolana, Sirkullay, and others.
Thank you for your interest.