My name is Alana Solomon and I am an Eastern Orthodox artist and writer based in the Southern Tier region of New York state, where I study Art History, Medieval History, and the literature and language of Russia.

I was raised in central California and later Seattle, Washington. I grew up surrounded by artists and musicians. The west coast punk scene makes up a large part of my background and I spent a good part of my 20’s traveling the northern U.S. and living in communal houses/squats/outdoors/in a van/etc. I also wrote, played, and recorded my own albums and booked, promoted, and toured the U.S. playing shows under the name Orphanspace. The general DIY ethos of these early experiences continues to inform my work.

As a teenager I received a scholarship from the Seattle Academy of Realist Art (which would later become the Gage Academy). I’ve also shown work in the Seattle area, including with the Free Sheep Foundation. Mostly, however, I’ve showed work anonymously through thousands of handmade street art pieces as Sirkullay, Orphanspace, Ortolana, and OhOblivion.

My current artistic concentration is traditional Eastern Orthodox iconography. In addition, influenced by my years of zine-making, I plan to release small booklets of writings regarding medieval history, Orthodoxy, personal writings, and more, offering them in my shop.

Thank you for your interest.


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