Today I would like to share with you this incredibly charming, hypnotic, and beautiful video I found on YouTube some time ago. It comes from the website of the Bedfordshire Archives & Records Service. Although mockumentary films like the “Look Around” series reference the style, it is, in fact, a real film. And don’t watch it on silent- the audio is essential.




I’ve had this in my pocket for awhile but I am posting it today with a particular artist in mind. He doesn’t make marbled paper, but a post of his reminded me of this. In fact, he is a printmaker and I highly recommend visitors check out Team Nerd Letterpress. Printmaking has never been my wheelhouse I have great admiration for those like N. Adam Beadel who can make such difficult work look so easy and natural. He has a deft hand and does great work.

Anyway, enjoy this strange video and have a great week. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from blogging, but more posts to come soon!

Whitbread, K.V., director. The Art of the Marbler. Bedfordshire County Council, 1970.
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